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Starting with classyfrieds version 2.9 we have implemented a fully automated google maps popup feature.

When A user submits a country selection (Optionally enhanced with zipcode or region information) this extension will automatically start attemts to geo-code this location on the globe, when the google geo-coder fails it automatically switches over to a yahoo geo-coding service.

Once lattitude and longitude are determined a map marker is created showing the listing location on a google map inside a lightbox popup.

Simply hit the globe underneath the name to see an example.

map in popup

  • automatically retrieves country and region information
  • autmatically geo-codes the location using google or yahoo
  • puts a map marker on the location
  • generates a stunning lightbox popup showing the map
  • also shows coordinates underneath the location
check out a live demonstration at : 

ALL classyfrieds extensions install like regular WordPress plugins. So to install classyfrieds plugins simply go to your wordpress administation panel -> plugins -> add new -> then use the upload button to install the downloaded .zip file from your computer. Once upload is complete simply activate the plugin. Classyfrieds maps does not show an additional admin section as there are no administrator settings needed. The globe will show up automatically on supported classyfrieds layouts.


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  1. Admin@surfinglongisland says:

    Im excited to use your Classifried plugin. However, Im having a problem. Ive created a test post with an image of a surfboard. When someone clicks to contact the seller, the window is too big for the screen and you cannot scroll up or down. Please see my test post as an example:

    Is there a way to fix this?

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