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    Key Master

    Developing a plugin like classyfrieds takes many hundreds of hours just to get the basic core code stable, let alone including add-on’s and plugins.

    Success of a plugin hinges largely on YOU, the user. If you want to help in any way you can contribute and have your name listed in the credits as a team-member. We’re always looking for :

    Beta-testers : find the weak spots , try to break things and report back

    translators : Convert language files into your own language and earn eternal gratitude from all your fellow countrymen and women.

    Coders: Our code is always in flux and has dozens of tentacles that are waiting for some code. Help drive the core to greater heights.

    Welcome aboard !

    Simply reply here, or send a PM to info -at- wordpressprogrammeurs.nl


    Paul Rak


    I’m putting together a new local site that will feature free classified ads.

    Looks like an ideal opportunity to beta-test classyfrieds to me..

    BTW, it’s a UK site, so it’ll test your internationalisation..


    Key Master

    drop us a line on PM and we’ll send you our PREMIUM modules so you can paly with them too.
    What is the website address you’re using ?



    I’ve just installed and done simple testings on this plugin. Strange, I still can’t make it work correctly. I’ve posted 2 classyfrieds, after clicked¬†the “classyfried_listings” on the main menu bar, it shows nothing.

    Well, I will say the UI is not very user friendly. The high contrast colors hurt my eyes. Anyway, I can see this plugin has good future. You’ve made a good start.

    Handoko Zhang.


    Key Master

    We agree …. the UI needs to become more user friendly. With the development speed this sometimes trails behind. We’re open to suggestions to make the UI more intuitive and more pleasing to the eye.

    regarding your test issues : did you visit the permalink section in your WP admin panel ?

    We’d love to hear more about these ‘first-light’ problems as we are blind to these issues now having developed the code ourselves we are too predictable in our ways when testing things.


    Ken Hatton

    Have another quick questions, when an ad is uploaded how do I get the amount charged for the product to appear in the discription area other than having to type it in.  Can the form default it.

    Thanks again

    Ken Hatton


    Key Master


    short answer : use the {{price}} tag in the existing layout (you’ll have to edit themefiles -> layouts -> single_default.php for now)

    The default layout can show any field we create. It’s early on in the game, but we do have a template editor in mind that lets you control the layout and information shown. For now you’re stuck with what is provided or what you create yourself.
    It IS fairly easy to add fields though …. hope this post will help in the meantime :


    Currencies, charges, addresses, google maps etc. were all idea’s that came after creating the first default template. We’ll update the default soon to reflect all new options.




    I’m thinking to set up a business directory listing site. Testing themes, plugins and getup. I want to give a try of your Classyfrieds with full beta version. What do you advise?





    Btw; my site: http://www.croctear.com

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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